The Stripe Checkout tutorials you link to assume you are going to attempt something ambitious, with Products, Customers, webhooks, etc. In case anyone finds this useful, I created a simpler example: a form that allows the user to enter an invoice number and payment amount, and then proceed to make a credit or debit card payment using Stripe Checkout. That's something you can do with PayPal Payments Standard but the Stripe docs don't cover.

Niagara Falls New York and Ontario; viewed from rail bridge. Photo: © Trevor Cox


Appazur interviewed Mr. Baljit Ranu, the principal of Clayton Heights Secondary School, about his school’s experience with “Clayton Nightriders”, an iOS & Android mobile app developed for the school and in use since 2016.


Clayton Heights Secondary School in Surrey, BC, Canada, student population 1,100.


We were looking for an efficient and flexible multimedia presentation format to get out information to students. PA announcements weren’t working for several reasons. Students were often late and missed the announcements, and teachers tended to use that time to take attendance so the announcements got lost in their start up ritual. …

We interviewed Jonathon Sproul, a Math, Science, and Technical Education teacher, about his school’s 3 1/2 years of experience with “Vipers e-Genda”, an iOS & Android mobile app developed for Georges P. Vanier Junior High (Middle) School and in use since April 2015.


January 3, 2019

Thousands of schools and school districts are engaging with students and parents with a customized, branded mobile app for messaging, calendars, and information access. In 2017, Apple cracked down on unauthorized and cloned apps in the App Store, and as a side effect, software companies are no longer able to publish template-based apps on a customer’s behalf. Instead, the school district must now have their own Apple Developer Account in order to get their app published in the public App Store. …

The administrators at Elphinstone Secondary School, located in the picturesque town of Gibsons, just north of Vancouver, British Columbia, were frustrated. The traditional ways of communicating with parents — like phoning or the school’s website — weren’t working any more. Those old approaches felt “a bit lethargic” according to John Brisebois, Principal. Parents would get a “robocall” and hang up at the greeting, missing the message. Emailing was similarly ineffective; parents were less and less likely to look at their email in a timely manner.

Schools have always adapted with the changing times. Generation Z, born between 1995 and 2015…

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CEO of, Consultant, Software Engineer, MBA. School/college/organization community engagement mobile apps. Django/Python.

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